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Posted by Leanne Rochester on 05/06/2012   Email

I did not know I was a fan of choral music! The harmonies in Elizabethan Serenade make me feel quite emotional. You have another fan. x

Posted by Nick Parkinson on 11/03/2012

Heard your charming rendition on YouTube. I am a big fan of choral music so thanks for that. Very nice voices

Posted by Nelson Civic Choir on 02/01/2012

Hi Peter Thank you for the lovely comment about 'Elizabethan Serenade' and your mail enquiring if it was available on CD or LP. One of our vinyl LP's 'A touch of magic' has Elizabethan Serenade on it. Whilst it is no longer available new, I can see that there are copies on Amazon: Hope this will be OK for you! Kind regards Ann Myers Secretary, Nelson Civic Ladies Choir

Posted by Peter Humphrey on 22/12/2011   Email

After 43 years I have finally come across a vocal version of Ronald Binge's Elizabethan Serenade that some kind person had posted on Youtube. I will be eternally grateful for that. It was an immense pleasure for me to hear that piece of music after so long. Thank you ladies for making an old boy very happy! It brought more than a few tears to my eyes and memories of days gone by.

Posted by Elaine Kneller on 26/08/2011   Email

Greetings from an old member, when I say old, I mean a past member well I suppose I am getting on a bit now... 61 years. Joined the junior choir when I was 11, came up through the ranks and there I stayed, until marrying and leaving Colne in 1988 I was known to you all as Elaine Dixon.

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